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Al Baraka Bank - Egypt   is an active player and partner in the process of improving and developing domestic economy by financing medium and long-term projects for Egypt's mega projects whether through the direct facilities, or syndicated ones with other local and international Banks. The financed projects are in vital and important sectors in accordance with Egypt’s and our bank’s strategies. The main financed projects’ sectors are:

  • Telecommunication sector:

As the telecommunication sector is considered one of the main pillars of the   Egyptian economy’s and society’s improvement, in addition to the bank's expectations of the rapid growth of telecommunication services demand rates, which had already taken place in the services of both land and mobile phones. That in turn supported the bank's vision to finance the leading companies of this sector in designing, establishing, developing, and possessing the digital cellular telecommunication systems, as well as offering these services in Egypt.

  • Airports& Air transportation sector:

The bank offers the necessary facilities to support the activities of companies in this sector to keep pace with the nation's strategy which aims to improve all services through financing the establishment of new airports, or improving the existing ones, to support tourism and trade which have direct impact on the economy.

  • Medicine& medical requirements & Hospitals sector:

In the light of this sector importance, and its direct impact on the life of Egyptians, the bank financed the leading companies in this vital field. The bank's investments include medicine and medical requirements’ manufacturing and distributing projects, besides backing those companies with the needed scientific support to cope with the international technical development, and to produce a superior product that makes every Egyptian citizen proud.

  • Exporting Industries Sector:

The bank offers all the required help and support for exporting activities through encouraging customers to open new exporting markets capable of competing. This can be achieved through offering the adequate finance to export credits, and supplying the customers with the needed liquidity for raw materials in local or foreign currencies.


  • Industry Sector:

Supporting the industrial sector is one of the main objectives of the bank as it is considered the base of our economy. Therefore the bank offered the financial support to companies working in different fields of this sector (i.e. steel, food and beverages, paper, fertilizers industries, etc…) through financing production lines, or the life cycle of these projects. Besides offering all the needed help to guarantee the success of the marketing process, prices fixing, and facing the international competition by offering the lowest possible profit margin to finance these projects, and allowing the small manufacturers to integrate with the giant manufacturing entities in order to create an integrated industrial unit capable of activating necessary and complementary industries in order to eliminate importing burdens, and to ensure the foreign currency availability needed to finance national liabilities.

  • Tourism Sector:

The bank works continuously to support main activities in this sector, which represents an important source of national income, and foreign currency. Therefore the bank offers the needed finance to many of the successful projects working in this field.

  • Petroleum Sector:

The bank offers the adequate finance and support to all companies working in the field, as it is considered the corner stone of our economy, and main source of our national income. Al Baraka Bank Egypt participation in supporting the national economy appears in the increase of local commercial and industrial investments which put the bank firmly on the head of Egypt's development map.

  • The electricity sector:

This sector has a great importance, especially in the present time; the bank provides the necessary funding for this sector by contributing in establishing the power stations or electricity networks and towers because of its belief in supporting this important sector.


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